General Information

Campsite reservations are available for those who have in the past year joined in on a HILT hosted Volunteer Event at the Waihee Refuge. You must attend and sign in at such an event before being eligible to make a camping reservation. Attending a volunteer event does not guarantee a camping opportunity as camping space and dates are limited. Participation in the camping program by any individual or group is at the discretion of HILT and the opportunity to volunteer or to camp may be denied at any time. This program began on August 15th, 2017.

>Review Rules of Use and Access [PDF]<

REVISED March 2019
Failure to abide by the rules of use and access will result in a 1 year minimum suspension from the camping program.

>Make a Campground Reservation<

Due to tree hazards reservations will be cancelled when forecast wind gusts are 35mph or greater.